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SMS Marketing

Fast, efficient SMS marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE

If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to spread word about your promo, product, or brand, the short message service is the ideal solution for you. SMS marketing allows you to blast short messages to thousands of mobile phone users about any promotion or announcement including:

  • Limited time discounts
  • New products
  • Promos and sale periods
  • Event announcements
  • Bulletin board notifications
  • Mobile alerts
  • Reminders

Partner with one of the leading SMS marketing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Through short message service marketing, you can directly get in touch with your clients in UAE on a more personal level. It is a simple, cost-effective, and timely channel for marketing your product, service, promo or brand. By sending promotional messages and announcements, you are using a marketing channel that reaches your target with a grassroots approach. It makes your message more relatable.

With SMS marketing, companies and businesses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can benefit from the following:

  • Quick message delivery
  • Unlimited exposure and viral potential
  • Independence from online connectivity
  • Non-intrusive format
  • Complete access to GSM mobile phones
  • Versatility allows attachment of binary data such as logos and ringtones
  • Almost instantaneous delivery anywhere in UAE (over 20 messages/second)
  • Comprehensive tech and customer support
  • Highly targeted message delivery
  • No Setup, Monthly Charges
  • No Volume Commitment
  • Navigable web-based user interface featuring comprehensive dashboard for sending SMS messages, monitoring marketing campaigns, and producing analysis reports
  • Easy integration into existing web/desktop based apps
  • Reply Option available
  • Full language support for sending SMS blasts to various languages in UAE, including English and Arabic
  • Database management software allows storage and management of contacts

2 WAY SMS – marketing in UAE brought to the next level

Our Gateway supports 2 Way SMS, allowing you to send and receive messages on our web-based platform. Additionally, our Smartvision short code-based SMS Solution empowers you to notify your target recipients with customised messages. Whether you want to send notifications of a delivered package or of an overdue bill.

When you send a message, we will instantly deliver it to your customer’s mobile phone. Once your customer replies to your message, you will receive the reply in your account inbox instantly.

Benefits & Uses of 2 Way SMS

  • Cost-effective lead generation
  • Mobile voting and polling
  • Instant feedback from target group/s
  • Easy database management existing and potential customers
  • Real time results tracking

 Short codes technology for your specific needs

We offer dedicated & shared short code service to our customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and anywhere in UAE.

Short codes vary depending on your region so contact us to determine the availability in your region.

You have multiple options to purchase your short code based on your business needs in UAE. You can get a dedicated code, one exclusively for your use, or use a keyword-based shared short code.

SMS Service for Enterprises and companies in UAE (SME’s):

We provide corporate solutions to financial institutions, companies, individuals, company executives, working people and small businesses enterprises (SMEs) as communication and marketing tools to maintain communication channels with customers, colleagues, bosses, dispatch units, sales reps, partner companies, suppliers or even their friends.

For companies & enterprises in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (like event organizers, travel & hospitality companies, airlines, major distributors, FMCG, insurance, and courier services) that need SMS technology to improve their businesses we provide a solution which allows them to send large volume of messages while providing the necessary administrative controls.

Whether you need it for mobile marketing, customer relationship management or field force automation, enterprises can take advantage of customisable solutions from one of the leading SMS marketing companies in Dubai and the UAE.

Office Automation alerts to individuals or groups on meetings, events, personals, email, and appointments.

  1. SMS Marketing Stock alerts, Price alerts, delivery status updates, forecasts, meeting reminders, schedulers.
  2. CRM & Billing SMS Incentives, Contests, Sale & Discounts Alerts, Coupons, Bookings, Ordering, Payment reminders.
  3. Support & Dispatch Send precise address and contact information, Job status updates, Location updates, Job 
  4. Projects Schedule changes, project milestones.
  5. SMS based sales reporting system.
  6. SMS based stock/order-reporting system

As time progresses, traditional forms of marketing evolve and develop into forms that appeal to each new generation of consumers. One such new form of marketing which we offer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the rest of the UAE is the service of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing in Dubai is a type of mobile marketing – that is, marketing via mobile devices – through which a message is sent out on behalf of retailers and financial institutions to existing and potential customers on their mobile numbers.

The rise of Short Message Service started in the early 2000s and has now become a common and preferred method of communication in Dubai and the rest of UAE; not only is it a way of personal communication for people to keep in touch with each other, but it is also a brilliant method of commercial communication.

Through SMS marketing in Dubai, businesses can, easily and quickly, keep their current and potential customers informed about the latest developments in the 4 P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. It is an effective way of reaching the customer and lets you, as a company, stay up to date with the latest technology.

How to start your marketing campaigns:

Messages are sent on behalf of retail businesses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, beauty salons, travel & tourism companies and financial institutions to their existing and potential customers on their mobile phones via mobile numbers.

In most of cases companies do not have mobile number data. They would in this case ask and use the data of an SMS service provider.

To stay as an effective bulk SMS provider, we need to have an authentic, tested and categorized data. This will give us an edge on the other providers in the market which eventually get us more business. We also need to constantly increasing and improving our data quality.

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